Bento Boards

We were inspired through our love of cooking and wine to design and create a unique piece that we call the Bento Board. We wanted our boards to be both functional and thoughtful in design. The challenge with many charcuterie boards is that it can be difficult to maintain placement of the food. And when preparing meat, the juice groove is either overflowing or you’re tipping it; pouring the juice into a measuring cup or the sink.

Our design aimed to eliminate these issues by adding a divided section and a drain. We located the rubber feet on our boards specifically to allow the board to cantilever over the sink so that the juice groove could drain during use. Additionally, if your intent is to save the juice, we’ve sized the hole to accept a common wine cork.

Our new boards come in a verity of sizes and in two different thicknesses and as always, we’re happy to price and fulfill custom orders.

PS. You will have to supply your own cork!