Bento Board

Our Bento boards are made from a combination of standard hard and roasted maple. The darker roasted maple provides a rich border which looks very much like walnut but is harder and at a lower price point! Our no slip rubber feet are fastened with non-rusting stainless steel hardware and all of our boards have three coats of hand rubbed Watco butcher block oil and conditioner. Each and every board is made with care and they all incorporate our easy drain feature, which can also double as a hanging solution.

Our new boards come in two sizes and in two different thicknesses and as always, we’re happy to price and fulfill custom orders.

Small 1“ thick board, 23.5cm [9-1/4”] X 45cm [18”]
$120.00 ea.

Small 1-1/2“ thick board, 23.5cm [9-1/4”] X 45cm [18”]
$140.00 ea.

Large 1-1/2“ thick board, [11”] X 51cm [20”]
$180.00 ea.